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Binder course is the asphalt layer found beneath the surface course. It is a coarse aggregate bound between foundation and wearing coarse. Using binder course provides more benefits which include flexibility in pavement, cost effective, economically friendly and this works well in areas with poor drainage. Use this online binder course calculator to calculate the approximate tonnage of material you will require for different types of surfaces and binder courses in road construction. 

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Approximate Tonnage =(a × b × d) / 1000 Where, a = Area (m²) d = Thickness (mm) b = Type


Find the approximate Tonnage of materials required for AC Dense Surface, Base and Binder courses highway road pavement with area of 56 m2 and thickness of 21 mm.
Tonnage required for Binder Course =((56 x 2.55 x 21)/1000
= 2.9988 tons

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