Humidity Calculator

The quality which represents the amount of water vapor in the air is known as humidity and it has different categories. Given here, specific humidity calculator to calculate the specific humidity of air in an environment, based on the partial pressure and total pressure of the water vapor. It is the ratio of the mass of water pressure vapor to the rest of the air pressure besides the water vapor. The pressure exerted by a vapor equilibrium with its non-vapor is water vapor pressure.

Specific Humidity Calculator

lbs/sq. ft
lbs/sq. ft
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Specific Humidity = (0.622 × (p / (t - p))) × 100 Where, p = Partial Pressure of Water Vapor t = Total Pressure of Air/Water Vapor Mixture


Calculate the specific humidity of air with a total pressure of 50 lbs/sq. ft and partial pressure of 20 lbs/sq. ft.


Specific Humidity = (0.622×(20/(50 - 20)))×100
= 41.4667 %

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