Calculate Dewpoint, Wet-bulb Temperature from Relative Humidity

A Simple online weather calculator to find the dewpoint and the wet-bulb temperature by knowing the values of relative humidity, temperature and actual station pressure. Dewpoint is the atmospheric temperature below which water droplets begin to condense and become dew. The wet-bulb temperature is the temperature a parcel of air would have if it were cooled to saturation. Using this dew point calculator, you can calculate Dewpoint, Wet-bulb Temperature from Relative Humidity.

Calculation of Dewpoint and Wet-bulb Temperature from Relative Humidity

Fahrenheit Celsius Kelvin
in of Hg mm of Hg millibars (hPA)
Wet-bulb (Tw) Dewpoint (Td) Unit
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1) Dewpoint Temperature Td = [243.5 x ln(e/6.112)] / [17.67 - ln(e/6.112)] e = (es x rh) / 100 es = 6.112 x e(17.67xT)/(T+243.5) 2) Wet Bulb Temperature Ewg = 6.112 x e(17.67xTw)/(Tw+243.5) eg = Ewg - Psta x (T - Tw) x 0.00066 x (1 + (0.00115 x Tw)) Tw = ΣN ∀ Ed ≠ 0 Ed = e - eg
Td = Dewpoint Temperature Tw = Wet Bulb Temperature T = Temperature rh = Relative Humidity Psta = Actual station pressure e = Vapor Pressure es = Saturation Vapor Pressure Ed = Vapor Pressure Difference N = Increment by 10 and consecutive Ed is opposite sign, increment divide by 10. Its upto reach Ed is zero or absolute value of Ed is greater than 0.05

Calculation of dewpoint and wet-bulb temperature is made easier by knowing the value of relative humidity. It is used in weather forecasting.

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