Dewpoint Calculator | Relative Humidity Calculator

Dew point is used to describe the amount of moisture in the air. It is the temperature to which air must be cooled at constant pressure and water content to reach saturation. A higher dew point indicates more moisture in the air. Relative humidity is the amount of atmospheric moisture present, relative actual air temperature. This is a simple online dewpoint calculator to find the relative humidity and the dewpoint by knowing the temperature, wet-bulb temperature, and actual station pressure.

Calculation of Relative Humidity, Dewpoint from Wet-bulb Temperature

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es=6.112×exp(17.67×T/T+243.5) ew=6.112×exp(17.67×Tw/Tw+243.5) e=ew-psta × (T-Tw)× 0.00066 × (1+0.00115×Tw) psta(in of Hg to mb)=psta×33.8639 psta(in of Hg to mb)=psta×1.333224 Tdc=(Td-32)×(5/9) Tdk=(Td+459.67)×5/9 Where, T = Air temperature Tw = Wet-bulb temperature psta = Station pressure ew = Vapor pressure related to wet-bulb temperature es = Saturated Vapor pressure e = actual vapor pressure rh = Relative humidity Td = Dewpoint temperature in Fahrenheit Tdc = Dewpoint temperature in celsius Tdk = Dewpoint temperature in kelvin

The dew point gives the accurate measurement of the moisture content in the air. Where as relative humidity is determined by how close the air temperature is to the dew point temperature.

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