Cyclone Calculator

A cyclone is a storm accompanied by high speed whistling and howling winds. It brings torrential rains. Here you can calculate the radial velocity in a cyclon using the particle density. Weather calculation is made easier here.

Cyclone Calculator

Calculate Radial Velocity in a Cyclon:
Particle density (pparticle) = kilogram/meter3
Air density (pair) = kilogram/meter3
Radial distance (r) = meter
Rotational velocity (w)= radian/second
Particle diameter (d) = meter
Air viscosity (u) = kilogram/meter-second
Radial velocity (vradial)= meter/second
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Formula Used: Vradial = [( pparticle - pair ) r w2 d2] / ( 18 u ) Where, vradial = Cyclon Radial Velocity pparticle = Particle Density pair = Air Densityr = Radial Distancew = Rotational Velocityd = Particle Diameter u = Air Viscosity

This online tool will help you dynamically to calculate the radial velocity in a cyclone.

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