Above Sea Level Barometer Reading Correction Calculator

This above sea level barometer reading correction calculator determines the error in an observed barometer reading, based on elevation above sea level of the barometer and the median standard outside air temperature. Just enter elevation of barometer ASL and observed barometer reading to get the result of adjustment barometer correction and new reading barometer correction. The height above the sea level or ground level is also called as altitude.

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R = - 29.92126 x (1 - (1 / 10(0.0081350 x H) / (T + (0.00178308 x H)))) S = O + R Where, R = Adjustment Barometer Correction S = New Reading Barometer Correction O = Observed Barometer Reading H = Above Sea Level T = Temperature (509.67)

The above sea level barometer reading correction calculator is capable of fetching highly reliable results consistenly.

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