Heat Index Calculation

Heat index also known as the apparent Temperature is an index that combines air temperature and relative humidity, to measure how hot it feels when relative humidity (RH) is added to the actual air temperature.

Heat Index Calculator

Heat Index Calculator

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Formula Used:

Heat Index = -42.379 + (2.04901523 x T) + (10.14333127 x R) - (0.22475541 x T x R) - (6.83783x10-3 x T2) - (5.481717x10-2 x R2) + (1.22874x10-3 x T2 x R) + (8.5282x10-4 x T x R2) -(1.99x10-6 x T2 x R2) Where, T = Temperature in °F
R = Relative Humidity in %
Heat index is utilized only in warm weather Hence accepted value will be >=70° F

This online Thermal calculator helps you dynamically to calculate the Heat Index easily.

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