PX to EM Conversion

'Px' refer to Pixels and is defined as the static measurement and 'Em' is its the relative measurements. The size of Em depends upon its parent. It is commonly used in coding web pages such as HTML or CSS files for cascading style sheets. Provide the Parent Px Size and Required Px Size in the below PX to EM conversion tool to convert CSS font size PXTOEM to EM. When you divide the PX size with parent PX size, you will get the resultant value of EM.

CSS Font Size PX to EM Calculator



EM = R / P Where, R = Required PX Size P = Parent PX Size


Convert PX to EM for required PX size of 10 px and parent PX size of 20 px.


EM = 10 / 20
= 0.5 em.

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