PPM (Parts Per Million) to Microsiemens Conversion

Parts per Million (ppm) is the commonly used unit for the measurement of small levels of pollutants called total dissolved solids (TDS) in air, water, body fluids, etc. Microsiemens (μS) is the unit of measurement of electrical conductivity (EC) in water or other liquids. Use this online unit conversion calculator to convert Parts Per Million (PPM) to Microsiemens (μS). Enter the value to be converted in the PPM field and tap the calculate button to known the μS conversion.



Microsiemens (μS) = 1.56 x Parts Per Million (ppm)


1 PPM is equal to 1.56 microS/cm.
Hence 12 parts per million is equal to = 1.56 x 12 microS/cm
Microsiemens (μS) = 18.72 microS/cm

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