CFM Conversion Chart

The cubic feet per minute (CFM) is a unit of volumetric flow. It is commonly used by manufacturers of blowers and compressors. Given here is the CFM conversion chart for U.S. and British Imperial units. CFM is used for finding the air volume velocity and it is commonly used for measuring the air flow in heating or cooling diffuses. Cubic Feet Per Minute unit conversion will be useful where CFM is also used as a rating and it depends on your room size to ensure adequate ventilation.

Cubic Feet Per Minute Unit Conversion

CFM FromConversion FactorFactor
cubic meter per second (m3/s)1/0.00047192119.0930281839372748
cubic meter per minute (m3/min) 1/0.0283235.3107344632768362
cubic meter per hour (m3/hour)1/1.6990.5885815185403178
cubic meter per day (m3/day)1/40.780.0245218244237371
cubic meter per year (m3/year) 1/14,8930.067145638890754
liter per second (l/s) 1/0.47192.1190930281839373
liter per minute (l/min)1/28.320.0353107344632768
liter per hour (l/hour)1/1,6990.5885815185403178
liter per day (l/day) 1/40,7760.0245242299391799
liter per year (l/year)1/14,893,2100.0000000671446921
U.S. and British Imperial
acre foot per second1/0.00000038262613695.7658128593831678
acre foot per minute 1/0.0000229643554.0069686411149826
acre foot per hour 1/0.001377726.2164124909222948
acre foot per day 1/0.0330630.2480338777979431
acre foot per year1/12.070.0828500414250207
barrel (petroleum) per second 1/0.002968336.9272237196765499
barrel (petroleum) per minute 1/0.17815.6148231330713083
barrel (petroleum) per hour 1/10.690.0935453695042095
barrel (petroleum) per day 1/256.50.0038986354775828
barrel (petroleum) per year 1/93,6750.0106752068321324
U.S. gallon per second (gps) 1/0.12478.0192461908580593
U.S. gallon per minute (gpm) 1/7.4810.1336719689881032
U.S. gallon per hour (gph) 1/448.80.0022281639928699
U.S. gallon per day (gal/day) 1/10,7720.0928332714444857
U.S. gallon per year (gal/year)1/3,934,3700.0000002541702992
British gallon per second 1/0.10389.6339113680154143
British gallon per minute 1/6.2290.1605394124257505
British gallon per hour 1/373.70.0026759432700027
British gallon per day 1/8,9700.1114827201783724
British gallon per year 1/3,276,0420.0000003052463918
cubic foot per second (ft3/s) 1/0.0166759.988002399520096
cubic foot per hour (ft3/hour) 1/600.0166666666666667
cubic foot per day (ft3/day) 1/1,4400.6944444444444444
cubic foot per year (ft3/year) 1/525,9490.0019013250334158
cubic inch per second (in3/s) 1/28.80.0347222222222222
cubic inch per minute (in3/min) 1/1,7280.5787037037037037
cubic inch per hour (in3/hour) 1/103,6800.0096450617283951
cubic inch per day (in3/day) 1/2,488,3200.000000401877572
cubic inch per year (in3/year) 1/908,839,4700.0000000011003043
CFM Conversions

Convert cubic feet per minute (CFM) to any other volumetric units easier and quicker using this CFM conversion chart as a reference.

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