Moles of Butane to Grams Conversion Calculator

Here is the online moles of butane to grams conversion calculator to convert the weight of butane in moles to grams. Butane is an organic compound with the formula C4H10 that is an alkane with four carbon atoms. The mole is the unit of measurement in the International System of Units (SI) for amount of substance and Gram is a metric system unit of mass. Usually the unit mole is used to measure the chemical substances. 1 moles of butane is equal to 58.1222 grams.


Grams = 58.1222 x Moles Butane


Moles of Butane to Grams Conversion
1 Moles Butane = 58.1222 grams
Hence, 12 Butane Moles = 12 x 58.1222 g
= 697.4664 grams

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