Litres To Pints Conversion

Liter or Litre (L or l) is a unit of volume, which is equal to 1 cubic decimetre (dm3). Pint (pt) is also a unit of volume. In United States customary system, pints are of two types namely, liquid and dry whereas imperial system of units has only one type of pint. Traditionally, it is one-eighth of a gallon. Convert between liters and pints using this online Litres To Pints Conversion calculator.
1 Liter = 2.11338 US Pint

Liters (L) To US Pints (Pt) Volume Unit Conversion


Liters (L) To US Pints (Pt) Volume Unit Conversion
1 L = 2.11338 US Pint
Hence, 7 litres is equal to
= 7 x 2.11338 pt
= 14.79366 pt

There is a difference in UK pints compared to US pints. The UK pints are 20% larger than the US pints. Just input the litre value in Litres to Pints Conversion Calculator and the converter will automatically updated you with the equivalent pint value.

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