Cubic Foot Per Minute (CFM) Conversion Chart

Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) is the units of volumetric capacity. CFM is used to measure the movement of the volume of liquid per unit time. Given here is a Cubic Foot Per Minute (CFM) conversion chart that can be used as a reference to convert CFM to any units of volumetric capacity such as cubic meter per second (m3/s), cubic meter per minute (m3/min), cubic meter per hour (m3/hour), cubic meter per day (m3/day), cubic meter per year (m3/year) and much more.

CFM ToConversion Factor5 CFM To10 CFM To
cubic meter per second (m3/s)0.00047190.002360.004719
cubic meter per minute (m3/min) 0.028320.14160.2832
cubic meter per hour (m3/hour)1.6998.49516.99
cubic meter per day (m3/day)40.78203.9407.8
cubic meter per year (m3/year) 14,89374,466148,932
liter per second (l/s) 0.47192.364.719
liter per minute (l/min)28.32141.6283.2
liter per hour (l/hour)1,6998,49516,990
liter per day (l/day) 40,776203,881407,763
liter per year (l/year)14,893,21074,466,052 148,932,105
U.S. and British Imperial
acre foot per second0.00000038260.0000019130.000003826
acre foot per minute 0.000022960.00011480.0002296
acre foot per hour 0.0013770.0068870.01377
acre foot per day 0.033060.16530.3306
acre foot per year 12.0760.37120.7
barrel (petroleum) per second 0.0029680.014840.02968
barrel (petroleum) per minute 0.17810.89051.781
barrel (petroleum) per hour 10.6953.43106.9
barrel (petroleum) per day 256.51,2822,565
barrel (petroleum) per year 93,675468,377936,755
U.S. gallon per second (gps) 0.12470.62341.247
U.S. gallon per minute (gpm) 7.48137.474.81
U.S. gallon per hour (gph) 448.82,2444,488
U.S. gallon per day (gal/day) 10,77253,860107,719
U.S. gallon per year (gal/year)3,934,37019,671,85039,343,700
British gallon per second 0.10380.5191.038
British gallon per minute 6.22931.1462.29
British gallon per hour 373.71,869 3,737
British gallon per day 8,97044,84889,695
British gallon per year 3,276,04216,380,20832,760,416
cubic foot per second (ft3/s) 0.016670.083330.1667
cubic foot per hour (ft3/hour) 60300600
cubic foot per day (ft3/day) 1,4407,20014,400
cubic foot per year (ft3/year) 525,9492,629,7445,259,488
cubic inch per second (in3/s) 28.8144288
cubic inch per minute (in3/min) 1,7288,64017,280
cubic inch per hour (in3/hour) 103,680518,4001,036,800
cubic inch per day (in3/day) 2,488,32012,441,60024,883,200
cubic inch per year (in3/year) 908,839,4704,544,197,350 9,088,394,700
Other units to CFM Conversions

A volumetric flow rate with units of CFM implies that the flow rate was measured at actual conditions (actual pressure, actual temperature). Cubic Foot Per Minute (CFM) conversion chart helps you make your conversions easier and quicker.

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