Triangle Types based on Sides

Types of Triangle

a) Equilateral Triangle :

- Equilateral triangle is a triangle that has equal length on all three sides - All Equilateral triangle are equiangular triangles. - So, Equilateral triangle has three congruent sides and three congruent angles. - As shown in the picture. (x=y=z & a = b = g). Image or Diagram

b) Isosceles Triangle :

- Isosceles triangle is a triangle with two equal length sides - Isosceles triangle also has two equal angles (two congruent angles and sides). - As shown in the picture. - Misspelled as isoseles, isoceles, isaceles. Image or Diagram

c) Scalene Triangle :

- Scalene triangle is a triangle with all no equal side - Scalene no equal angles too. - As shown in the picture.Image or Diagram

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