Transformation of the Tangent Product into Sum

Here is the simple online trigonometric calculator to find the transformation of the tangent product into sum as tan(α).tan(β). Trigonometric functions are important in the study of triangles and applying in engineering. In trigonometry, a tangent line or tangent to a plane curve at a given point is defined as the straight line that just touches the curve at that point. The tangent function is expressed in a form in which the denominators are the corresponding factorials.

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tan α . tan β = (tan α + tan β) / (cot α + cot β) Where, tan = Tangent cot = Cotangent α, β = Angle


Transformation of the Tangent Product into Sum If α is 45 degrees and β is 45 degrees.


tan 45 . tan 45 = (tan 45 + tan 45) / (cot 45 + cot 45)
= 0.9999

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