Tangent Triple Angle Identity Calculator

Tangent is most commonly used function in trigonometry. It is abbreviated as tan. It is found by dividing the length of the opposite side by the length of the adjacent side. Triple angle identity states the relationship between the basic trigonometric functions applied to three times an angle, in terms of trigonometric functions applied to the angle itself. Online trigonometric tangent triple angle identity calculator to find the third angle identity for tangent (tan) from the known angle value.

Find the Triple Angle Identity for Tangent

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tan 3α = (3 tanα - tan3α) / (1 - 3tan2α) Where, tan = Tangent α = Angle


If α is 30 degrees, then Tangent Triple Angle?


tan 3α = (3 tanα - tan3α) / (1 - 3tan2α)
= (3 tan 30 - tan330) / (1 - 3 tan230)
= 1255.76 °

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