Tangent Multiplication Calculator

Tangent is one of the geometric terms related to trigonometry. Tangent of a plane curve at a given point is defined as the straight line that touches the curve at that point. The below Tangent Multiplication calculator is used to multiply tangent values, For example, here we can multiply two tangent values [tan(A) and tan(B)]. Enter the values for Tan A and Tan B and click calculate to know the resultant value of tangent multiplication tan(A).tan(B).

Multiply Tangents

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tanA . tanB = (tanA + tanB) / (cotA + cotB) Where, tan = Tangent cot = Cotangent A,B = Angle


Value of A is 23 degrees and B is 12 degrees. What is tan(A).tan(B)?


tanA . tanB = (tanA + tanB) / (cotA + cotB)
= [tan (23) + tan(12)]/[cot(23) + cot(12)]
= 0.0902°

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