Sine Wave Period, Frequency Calculator

A sine wave frequency shows, how much the medium particles undergo in vibration when a wave is passed through that medium. It is cycles per second or waves per second or vibrations per second. Period refers to a particular time in which a work is completed. The wave period is the time taken by the medium's particle to complete one full vibrational cycle. Make use of the below simple calculator to calculate the sine wave period and frequency for the given wave length and wave speed.

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T = λ / Wave Speed Frequency = Wave Speed / λ Where, T = Sine Wave Period λ = Wavelength


A sine wave with 5m wavelength and 8ms-1 speed will have a frequency of
Frequency = 8 / 5
Frequency = 1.6 Hz
The period would be,
T = 5/8
T = 0.625 seconds

A wave frequency is defined as 'The total number of vibrations or oscillations made by the particles per unit time' and is denoted by symbol 'f' and is measured by the unit Hertz or Hz. Thus the period of the sine curve is the length of one cycle of the curve.

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