Sine to the Fifth Power Calculator

This Calculator helps you to find the fifth power of sine corresponding to an angle α. In the below calculator enter the value for alpha (angle) and click calculate to know the fifth power of sine for that angle, which is denoted as sin5(α), where α is the angle. This online trigonometric sine to the fifth power calculator works based on the equation sin5(α) = (10sinα - 5sin3α + sin5α)/16. Finding the sin5(α) is useful in applied engineering and maths.

Find Fifth Power of Sine

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sin5α = (10sinα - 5sin3α + sin5α)/16 Where, α = Angle sin = Sine


Find sine to the fifth power of 45 degrees.
sin545 o = (10 sin 45 - 5 sin3(45) + sin5(45)) / 16
=0.1767 degrees.

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