Sine Cubed Calculator

Find the cubed sine value for the given angle using this Sine Cubed calculator. In the below sine to the third power calculator enter the angle and click calculate to know the 3rd power of sine for the corresponding angle. The angle is represented by α, and as a whole, the Cubed Sine is represented as sin3(α), where α is the angle. The Cubed Sine for an angle is given as sin3(α) = (3sinα - sin3α) / 4. Simplify your calculations with this online trigonometric sine Cubed calculator.

Sine to the Third Power Calculator

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sin3α = (3 sin α - sin 3α) / 4 Where, sin = Sine α = Angle


Find Sine Cubed of 45 degrees
Sine to the Third Power = (3 sin 45 - sin 3 (45)) / 4
= 0.3535 degrees

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