SSS (Side-Side-Side) Triangle Area Calculator

An SSS (Side-Side-Side) Triangle is one with two or more corresponding sides having the same measurement. Tow triangles are said to be congruent if all the three sides of a triangle is equal to the three sides of the other triangle. The three sides of the triangle can be used to calculate the unknown angles and the area of the triangle. Using this online SSS (Side-Side-Side) Triangle Area calculator, you can calculate the area of the triangle from the known three sides.

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SSS (Side-Side-Side) Triangle Area = √(s x (s - a) x (s - b) x (s - c)) SSS Triangle Where, a = Side 1 b = Side 2 c = Side 3 s = (a+b+c) / 2


An SSS (Side-Side-Side) triangle has side lengths 5, 7 and 10 cm. What is its area?

s = (5+7+10)/2 = 22/2 = 11
Area = √ [11(11-5)(11-7)(11-10)] 
=√ [11x6x4x1] 
=√ 264 
= 16.24 cm2

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