Rectangular To Polar Calculator

The two dimensional in the polar coordinate system can be converted only to other two dimensional coordinate system. In the rectangular coordinate system, the distance of X and Y axis can be represented as (x, y) coordinates. Therefore, x-coordinate and y-coordinate are the rectangular coordinate system. Here, you can convert Rectangular to polar coordinates based on the known values of X and Y axis using Rectangular To Polar Calculator.

Convert Rectangular To Polar Coordinates

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Distance = √(x2) + (y2) Angle = Z(y/x) Where, r = Distance x = X Coordinate y = Y Coordinate a = Angle


If the rectangular coordinates are (12,15). What is its equivalent polar coordinates?
Distance = √(x2) + (y2)
= √(122) + (152)
= 19.2094
Angle = Z(y/x)
= Z(15 / 12)
= 51.3402 degrees.

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