Polar To Rectangular Calculator

In X axis, the point of angle in X & Y plane lies in the anti-clockwise direction and it is known as Polar angle whereas rectangular angle is a quadrilateral with four right angles. We can convert polar to rectangular coordinates using Polar to Rectangular Calculator. To find the rectangular angle of X & Y polar coordinates, you have to take sin and cos of X and Y. Enter the values of coordinates in the calculator and it will give you the results of conversion.

Convert Polar To Rectangular Coordinates

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x = r x Cos(a) y = r x Sin(a) Where, x = X Polar Coordinates r = Distance a = Angle y = Y Polar Coordinates


A point has a polar coordinate of (7, 60°). Convert polar to rectangular coordinates.
X = 7 x Cos(60°)
= 3.5
y = 7 x Sin(60°)
The rectangular coordinates are(3.5, 6.0622)

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