How to Solve Angle Angle Angle Triangle Theorem

How to Solve AAA Triangle Theorem - Formula, Example


Denoting three angles A, B, and C does not distinctively define a triangle, but any two triangles with the same angles are alike. While, specifying two angles of a triangle gives the third angle automatically, since the sum of angles in a triangle equals 18 degrees.


C = 18o - A - B (in degrees) C = Π - A - B (in radians)
Example :

Find angle C from angle A=5o and angle B=7o


angle A = 5o angle B = 7o

To Find,

angle C


Substitute the given values in the respective formula,

Step 1:

C = 18o - 5o - 7o C = 18o - 5o - 7o C = 6o

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