Tanh Calculator

Hyperbolic functions were introduced in the 1760s by Vincenzo Riccati and Johann Heinrich Lambert. They represent an expansion of trigonometry beyond the circular functions. But they both depend on an argument. The common types are Sine, Cosine, Tangent , Secant, Cosecant. Use this Tanh Calculator to calculate the value of hyperbolic tangent function with the given independent variable value. The hyperbolic tangent is used throughout mathematics, the exact sciences, and engineering.

Hyperbolic Tangent Function Calculator

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Hyperbolic Tangent Function (Tanh) = ( e x - e-x) / (ex + e-x) Where, x = Independent Variable Value


Find the Tanh if the Independent Variable Value is 2 ?


Hyperbolic Tangent Function (Tanh) = ( e 2 - e-2) / (e2 + e-2)
= 0.964

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