Cotangent Tetra Angle Identity Calculator

In a right angled triangle, cotangent refers to the angle which is formed by dividing the length of the adjacent side and the length of the opposite side. Cotangent is also referred as 'cot' and it is one of the rarely used function in the trigonometry. It is derived either by dividing 1/tan(x) or by dividing cos(x)/sin(x). This online cotangent tetra angle identity calculator is used to find the fourth angle identity for cotangent (cot) from the given angle value. (i.e)., cot 4α

Find the Tetra Angle Identity for Cotangent

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cot 4α = (1 - 6 tan2α + tan4α) / (4tanα - 4tan3α) Where, cot = Cotangent tan = Tangent α = Angle


If α = 100 degrees, then


cot (4x100) = (1 - 6 tan21005 + tan4100) / (4 tan 100 - 4 tan3100)
= 1.191 degrees

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