Cotangent Triple Angle Calculator

In a right angled triangle, Cotangent is an angle formed by dividing the length of its adjacent side by the length of its opposite side. Cot refers to the cotangent function and it is equal to 1/tangent. Triple Angle of Cotangent can be found using the formula given below. Substitute the α value in the formula to know the triple angle of cotangent. Simple trigonometric cotangent triple angle calculator which is used to find the third angle of cot.

Find the Triple Angle of Cotangent

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cot 3α = (cot3α - 3 cot α ) / (3 cot2α -1) Where, cot = Cotangent


If α = 45, then


Cotangent Triple Angle = (cot345 - 3 cot 45 ) / (3 cot245 - 1)
= 0.617 degrees

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