Arccos Calculator

The inverse of cosine is called as arccos (cos-1 = acos). It is also known as acos or inverse cosine. The range of arccos is limited to 0 to 180 degree. This online calculator can be used to find the inverse cosine value of an angle. The Arccos Calculator is also called the Inverse Cosine Calculator, as it is the inverse of the cos value. The term Arccos is shortform of the term 'Arc Cosine'. It is just the inverse function of cos(x).
arccos(x) = cos-1(x)

Inverse Cosine Calculator

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ACos = Cos-1( X )


Arccos / Inverse Cosine

The arccos (0.14) is 1.4303 radians and 81.95 degrees.

Make use of the above arccos calculator to find the inverse cosine values in degrees and radians. Enter a value, and click calculate to find the corresponding arccosine radians and arccosine degrees.

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