Cosine Cubed Calculator

The cosine cube is defined as the composite of the cube function and cosine function. We use Pythagorean identities to integrate the cosine cubed of x. Cosine cubed function can be represented as cos3. The function cosine cubed (x) can be given as x -> (cos x)3. Use our online calculator to calculate the value of cosine cube of an angle (alpha). In the below cosine cubed calculator, just enter the values for α to know the cosine cube (cos^3(α)).

Find the Value of Cosine Cube

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cos3α = (3cosα + cos3α) / 4 Where, cos = cosine α = Angle

This cosine cubed calculator, you will find the value of cosine cube which the anti derivative involves sin3 and sin. This will be both anti differentiated, with the new anti derivative involving cos3 and cos.

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