Arcsec Calculator

The Arcsec Calculator is also called the Inverse Secant Calculator, as it is the inverse of the secant value. The term Arcsec is short form of the term 'Arc Secant'. It can also be termed as asec. It is just the inverse function of sec(x). Make use of the below calculator to find the arc secant values in degrees & radians. Enter a value, and click calculate to find the corresponding arc secant radians and degrees. This arcsecant calculator will find the inverse trigonometric values of secant.

Inverse Secant Calculator | Arcsecant Calculation

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Inverse Secant Formula:

arcsecant = Arccos(1/x) (radians) arcsecant = Arccos(1/x) × 57.2958 (degree)


Find the arcsecant value for value 75

Arc secant = acos(1/75)
                = 1.5574 (radians)
Arc secant = acos(1/75)
                 = 89.2361 degree
Therefore, Arc secant value is 1.5575 (radians) or 89.2361 degree

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