Angle of Elevation Examples with Solution

Here you can see two angle of elevation examples with solutions. Example shows that if the object is above the level of the observer, then the angle between the horizontal and the observer's line of sight is the angle of elevation. It is always congruent to the angle of depression.

Angle of Elevation Example Problems with Answers

Example 1:

A plane flies at a height of 1200 feet and the distance from the observer to the point of the plane in the ground is 500m. What is the angle of elevation?


We can calculate the Angle of Elevation using the given formula


Angle of Elevation θ = atan (h / d) Where, E = Angle of Elevation h = Height of Object d = Distance of Object atan = Arc Tangent

Substituting the values in the formula,

θ = atan (h / d) = atan (500 / 1200) = 22.6199°

Therefore, Angle of Elevation is 22.6199°.

Example 2:

Two Buildings 'A' and 'B' are at a distance of 1200m from each other. Building 'A' is at a height of 3500 feet from the ground. Find the angle of elevation formed from the ground of Building 'B' to the top of the Building 'A'.


Using the given formula, θ = atan (h / d) = atan (3500 / 1200) = 71.0754°

Therefore, the value of Angle of Elevation is 71.0754°.

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