Angle of Depression Calculator

The angle framed by the line of sight and the even plane for an object below the horizontal is known as the angle of depression. Estimate the same from the known values of opposite and the adjacent sides of the object using this angle of depression calculator.

Find the Angle of Depression

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Angle of Depression θ = atan(Opposite Side / Adjacent Side) Where, atan = Arc Tangent

Tangent is the main ratio that is used to determine the angle of depression. It may be found by using this equation tan y is equal to opposite divided by the adjacent side. The opposite side, in this case, is usually the height of the observer or height in terms of location. At the angle of depression, the observer's line of sight would be above the horizontal. In simple, If you are viewing at an object below the horizon then the angle between the horizontal and your line of sight is the angle of depression. Just enter the measurements of opposite side and adjacent side in this angle of depression calculator to get the result.

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