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It is always a great expectation to find out the odds of winning a lottery. This Lotto Odds Calculator helps you in finding chances of your luck. In the below lottery calculator, your chances of winning a lottery is determined using the values for total lottery tickets sold, total winners and total tickets you are planning to buy. The odds ratio is expressed as the ratio of favorable to unfavorable outcomes. That is 'Expected Wins : Expected Failures'.

Chances of Winning a Lottery

Chances of winning a lottery %
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Chances of Winning a Lottery = [1 - (1 - W/T)P] x 100 Where, T = Total Lottery Tickets that will be Sold W = Total Lottery Tickets Sold will be winners P = Total tickets you are Planning to Buy


Find the chances of winning the lottery if I buy 5 tickets for the total lottery tickets that will be sold is 50 and total lottery tickets sold will be winners is 20.


Odds of Winning = (1 - (1 - (20/50)5) x 100
= 92.22 %

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