Upper Specification Limit Calculator

USL refers to upper specification limit. It is a value that states the higher range of variables in a function. A value designating the upper limit or above in which the process or characteristics are not acceptable. In other words, its the bench mark below which the value performs. Use our online upper specification limit calculator to find USL calculation of process capability by providing Cp, process standard deviation and lower specification limit (LSL).

USL Calculation of Process Capability

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Upper Specification Limit (USL) = ( c × 6 × s ) + LSL Where, c = Process Capability Index s = Process Standard Deviation


Find the upper specification limit of a process whose index is 500, process standard deviation is 25 and the lower specification limit (LSL) is 100?


USL = ( 500 × 6 × 25 ) + 100
= 75100

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