Two Way Anova Calculator

Two Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is an extension to the one-way analysis of variance. Its primary purpose is to determine the interaction between the two different independent variable over one dependent variable. It also aims to find the effect of these two variables. Two-way ANOVA was found by Ronald Aylmer Fisher. Use our online two way ANOVA calculator to find the range of sum of squares, degrees of freedom, mean squares and F-test values.

Two Way Analysis of Variance Anova Calculator

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SS = Sum of Squares, df = Degrees of Freedom
MS = Mean Squares, F = F - Ratio Test
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Enter the number of rows and columns in this two way anova (analysis of variance) calculator to find the Anova result. You can calculate sum of squares SStotal, SSbetween, SSwithin), mean squares (MStotal, MSbetween, MSwithin) and F test value.

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