True Position GD&T Tolerance Calculator

Online true position calculator MMC to find the tolerance deficit value and true position based on offset (X), offset (Y) and specified true position value. In electrical engineering design, GD&T position is a versatile tolerance to have control over location, coaxially, axis offset of any part feature. True position refers to the deviated position of a product from its theoretical position which is calculated using the below true position GD&T tolerance calculator.

True Position Calculator MMC

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True Position (T) = 2√(x2 + y2) Tolerance Deficit = S - T Where, x = Offset (X) y = Offset (Y) S = Specified True Position


Calculate excess tolerance and true position MMC (Maximum material condition) for offset X and Y of 0.005 cm and 0.007 cm and specified true position of 1 cm.


True Position (T) = 2√(x2 + y2)
= 2√(0.0052 + 0.0072)
= 0.017205 cm

Tolerance Deficit = S - T
= 1 - 0.017205
= 0.982795 cm

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