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Hypothesis Testing Calculator to find Standardized Test Statistic. This type of test is used in hypothesis testing. A standardized test is scored in a standard manner. A statistical hypothesis test is a method of statistical inference. Subtract Sample Mean by Population Mean, divide Sample Standard Deviation by Sample Size and then divide both the answer in the below Standardized Test Statistic calculator to calculate Hypothesis Test for z-scores.

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Standardized Test Statistic for z-scores = (x̄ - μ0) / (σ / √n) Where, x̄ = Sample Mean μ0 = Population Mean σ = Sample Standard Deviation n = Sample Size


Calculate Standardized Test Statistic for a sample of 9 lightbulbs whose sample mean of the battery is 80 hours, standard deviation of 10 hours and population mean of 75 hours.


Standardized Test Statistic for z-scores = (x̄ - μ0) / (σ / √n)
= (80 - 75) / (10 / √9)
= 1.5

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