Specificity Calculator

Specificity calculator to evaluate the chances of a person being affected with diseases, calculated based on the present health conditions. Negative cases are classified as true negatives (healthy people correctly identified as healthy) whereas false negative (sick people incorrectly identified as healthy). In this simple online Sensitivity and Specificity Calculator, one of the factors (specificity) of the medical diagnostic test evaluation is calculated.

Sensitivity and Specificity Calculator

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Specificity = True Negative / (False Positive + True Negative) x 100


If the true positive and true negative values are 2,1 and false positive and false negative values are 8,9 then

Specificity = (1 / (8+1)) x 100
= 11.11%

Specificity is one of the two measures of classification function in statistics, which is defined as true negative rate. Sensitivity quantifies the avoiding of false negatives.

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