Coefficient of Determination Calculator

An online statistical coefficient of determination calculator for finding the correlation coefficient and r-squared values which depict the relationship between two data series and how well the model predicts the future outcomes. The coefficient of determination, denoted as r2 (R squared) indicates the proportion of the variance in the dependent variable that is predictable from the independent variable. The calculator uses the Pearson's formula to calculate R-squared (r2).

Calculate R-Squared (r2) Value

Coefficient of Determination (r2):
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Correlation Coefficient ( r ) = N x ∑ XY - ( ∑ X ) ( ∑ Y ) / √ N x ( ∑ X2 - ( ∑ X )2 √ N x ( ∑ Y2 - ( ∑ Y )2 Coefficient of Determination ( r2 ) = r x r.

Determining r-squared (r2) value is used as a guideline to measure the accuracy of the data model.

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