First Quartile Calculator

Quartile is the ranked set of data values with three points divided by four equal groups. It has totally three types of quartiles such as first, second and third quartiles from a data set. In First Quartile calculator, it calculates only the 1st quartile for the corresponding data set values. First quartile is denoted as Q1, which is the median of the lower half of the data set. To calculate the 1st quartile, enter the data set in the Q1 calculator.

Q1 Calculator

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In First quartile / Q1 calculator, the lower half of data set is taken into consideration as about 25% of the numbers in the data set lie below Q1 and about 75% lie above Q1.


The first quartile of the data set 1,4,2,10,7 :

Arrange the data in Ascending Order = 1,2,4,7,10

Split the data into 4 equal quarters.
While splitting, the first quartiles falls in between 1 and 2.
Second quartile is 4 and third quartile is 7,10.
If the quartile falls between two numbers, then the average of the two numbers is the Q1.
=(1+2)/2 =1.5.

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