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The PRESS (predicted residual error sum of squares in r) statistic is the measure of cross-validation in regression analysis. It is equivalent to the sum of squares of the residual error (SSE). In this PRESS statistic calculator, enter sample and predicted values to get the result. Prediction residual error sum of squares calculation has been done for a number of candidate model structures for the same data set. Lower values of predictive error sum of squares statistic is optimum.

Prediction Residual Error Sum of Squares Calculation

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PRESS = i=1n(yi - fi)2


Calculate prediction residual error sum of squares in r statistic for sample values as 5,2,4,6 and predicted values as 2,3,4,6.


PRESS = i=1n(yi - fi)2
= i=15(yi - fi)
= (5 - 2)2
= (2 - 3)2
= (4 - 4)2
= (6 - 6)2
= (9,1,0,0)
= 10

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