Positive Predictive Value Calculator

Positive predictive value (PPV) is the probability that subjects with a positive screening test truly have the disease while screening for diseases for a person. Use this simple online Positive Predictive Value Calculator to determine the PPV by dividing the number of true positives by the number of positive calls. True positive is the event that the test makes a positive prediction, and false positive is the event that the test makes a positive prediction.

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Positive Predictive Value = True Positive / (True Positive + False Negative) x 100


If the true positive and true negative values are 1,1 and false positive and false negative values are 6,3 then
Positive Predictive Value = (1/(1 + 6) x 100)
= 14.29%

Positive predictive value calculator predict the value for both true positives and false positives. The PPV is not intrinsic to the screening test, it depends on the prevalence of the disease. The PPV is derived using Bayes Theorem.

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