Pooled Standard Deviation Calculator

The pooled standard deviation is a weighted average of each group's standard deviation. It is an average of all data points about their group mean. Use our simple online Pooled standard deviation calculator to find the pooled SD for the given statistics within the fraction of seconds. In this Pooled estimate of standard deviation calculator enter the values for the number of subjects and the sample values for each subject and submit to know the pooled SD.

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Pooled Standard Deviation = √(((n1-1) × s1²+(n2-1) × s2²+...+(nk-1) × sk²) / (n1+n2+...+nk-k)) Mean = Sum of data values / N(Number of Values) Standard Deviation Formula Where, n1,n2,...nk= sample size of each group s1,s2,...sk= Standard deviation of each group k=Number of group M=Mean

The pooled estimate of standard deviation gives larger groups a proportionally greater effect on the overall estimate of the data provided. Use our online Pooled standard deviation calculator and save your time in manual calculation.

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