Percentile Rank Calculator

In statistics, a percentile is used to indicate a value below which, the given percentage of observations fall. The percentile class rank of a score is the percentage of scores in its frequency distribution table which are equal or less than it. Percentile represents the rank position in a list of data.

Use the below online percentile rank calculator to find the PR (Percentile Rank) percentage and class rank of a group of students sorted in ascending order.

Class Rank Statistics Calculation

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PR% = L + ( 0.5 x S ) / N Where, L = Number of below rank, S = Number of same rank, N = Total numbers.


The Scores are 12,3,4,5,6,89,3 and the Score is 10, find PR%.
PR = L + ( 0.5 x S ) / N
PR% = ((5 + ( 0.5 x 0 )) / 7) * 100
PR% = 71.4285

Percentile rank calculation is useful to understand the comparison of particular score to the other scores in a distribution of scores. As formula for PR% is simple, you can easily calculate the class rank for any of the scores in the distribution.

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