Percent to GPA Conversion Chart

Grade Points Average (GPA) system is followed in most of the colleges all. Here is the Percentage to GPA tutorial which helps you in finding the average grade points for the percentage of marks you scored. This tutorial helps in the calculation by providing a Percent to GPA conversion chart and examples.

Percentage to GPA Tutorial

Grade Point Average

   A Grade point average is a number representing the average value of the accumulated final grades earned in subjects over time.

Percentage to GPA Chart

   The below chart shows the percentage and Grade Points of India,Iraq,USA,Australia ,Canada,UK,and Pakistan to measure students performance to applying US universities.

Percentage(%)GradeGrade Point
61-80First Class3.5
51-60Second Class3
33-50Third Class2.5
Below 33Fail2
79-89Very Good
Below 49Weak/Fail
Percentage(%)GradeGrade Point
90 - 100A4.00
80 - 89.9B3.00
70 - 79.9C2.00
60 - 69.9D1.00
Below 59F0
Percentage(%)GradeGrade Point
Above 85HD(High Distinction)7.00
75 - 84D(Distinction)6.00
65 - 74Cr(Credit Pass)5.00
50 - 64P(Pass)4.00
45 - 49F1(Fail level1)1.00
Below 45F2(Fail level 2)0
Percentage(%)GradeGrade Point
90 - 100A+4.0
85 - 89.99A-4.0
80 - 84.99A-3.7
77 - 79.99B+3.3
73 - 76.99B3.0
70 - 72.99B-2.7
67 - 69.99C+2.3
63 - 66.99C2.0
60 - 62.99C-1.7
55 - 59.99D+1.3
50 - 54.99D1.0
Below 49.99F0
UK (United Kingdom)
Percentage(%) Grade
70 - 100First
60 - 69Upper Second
54 - 59Lower Second
42 - 53Third
38 - 41Pass
Below 37Fail
Percentage(%)GradeGrade Point
90 - 100A+4.00
80 - 90A3.75
75 - 80B+3.5
70 - 75B3.00
65 - 70C+2.5
60 - 65C2
55 - 60D+1.5
50 - 55D1
Below 50F0
Example: 1

What will be the grade and grade point average (GPA) in India if the mark in percentage is 61?


According to the above GPA chart for India, For the mark in percentage of 61 in India, the grade point is 3.5 and grade is First Class.

Example 2

What will be the grade and grade point average (GPA) in Australia if the mark percentage is 90?


According to the above GPA chart for Australia,

For the 90 percent of mark scored in Australia, the grade point will be 7 and the grade will be High Distinction(HD).

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