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GPA is abbreviated as grade point average. GPA is one cumulative number which represents all of the marks achieved during semesters or exams. Marks scored out of 100 is expressed in %. You can convert the percentage of marks you have obtained into GPA using this Percentage To GPA Calculator. It is calculated by dividing the total marks obtained by total marks attended. Grade point average (GPA) is an important factor when applying to U.S. universities.

Percentage To Grade Point Average Conversion Calculator


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What will be the grade and grade point average (GPA) in India and United States if the mark is 61 and 91?

Grade point for 91 percentage in India is 4.00 and Grade is Distinction, whereas in United States, grade point is 4.00 and Grade is A

Grade point for 61 percentage in India is 3.5 and Grade is First Class, whereas in United States grade point is 1.00 and Grade is D

This percentage to GPA conversion calculator can be used to find your equivalent GPA of your percentage in all countries.

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