Paired Mean Difference Calculator

In t-Test calculations, the matched pairs are used to reduce random error variance. e.g., age, gender, education, economic status. The t-test works with small or large numbers because it automatically takes into account the number of cases in calculating the probability level. Make use of the below given calculator to calculate the mean difference between matched pairs.

T-Test Calculator for Matched Pair Mean

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d = Σ (x1 - x2) / No. of Terms Where, d = Matched Pair Mean Difference x1, x2 = Terms


In a t-test, for a total of 2 terms, if the x1 and x2 values are (4,7) and (5,3), the paired mean difference
d = (4 - 7) / 2 + (5 - 3) / 2
d = -3 + 2/2
d = -0.5

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