One Way Anova Scheffe Method Calculator

Here is the simple online data analysis calculator to calculate the equality of samples by using variance. The formulae used are Sums of squares Formula, Mean squares Formula and the F Formula. ANOVA is the short form of One-way analysis of variance. This One Way Anova Scheffe Method calculator helps you analyse the variance for your statistical data using the Scheffe Method. This method is a statistical test that is used to make unplanned comparisons, rather than pre-planned comparisons.

ANOVA Result
  SS df MS F
Computed Tabular

Scheffe Test


SS = Sum of Squares, df = Degrees of Freedom, MS = Mean Squares, F = F - Ratio Test

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Sums of squares Formula

Mean squares Formula

F Formula

Scheffe Test

F' = (X̄i - X̄j)2 / (MSwithin x ((1/ni) + (1/nj)))

In the above one way Anova Scheffe Method calculator, you will get the Anova result for the given data. Scheffe test formula is given above for your reference.

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