nth Percentile Calculator

A percentile in statistics is a point or value where the percentage of observations lie. The nth Percentile is the smallest score that is greater than or equal to a certain percentage of the scores in a statistics group of observations. The Percentiles are used to determine where a score fits among all of the observed scores. Given here an online nth Percentile Calculator tool which would assist you in calculating the kth Percentile of a set of statistical data.

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R = (P / 100) x (N + 1) Where, R = Rank P = nth Percentile N = Number of Data


Find the kth percentile rank for scores such as : 87,59,68,75 and n percent is 8%.


R = (P / 100) x (N + 1)
= (8 / 100) x (4 + 1)
= 0.4

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