Normal Distribution Calculator

The Normal Distribution or Gaussian distribution is a common continuous probability distribution. In statistics, the normal probability distributions are used to represent real-valued random variables whose distributions are not known. This distribution is sometimes called the bell curve. The normal distribution calculator makes it easy to compute cumulative probability (Gaussian Distribution Calculation) when a normal random variable is given.

Gaussian Distribution Calculation


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Formula : X < mean = M - Z X > mean = M + Z Z = (X-M) / σ Where, M = Mean. σ = Standard Deviation. X = Normal Random Variable


The mean and standard deviation of a data set is 20 and 35. The random variable value is 5. What is its Normal / Guassian Distribution?

Here , X = 5, which is less than mean.
Hence, M-Z = 20 - 5 = 15
Z = (5 - 15) / 35
    = 0.6659

The normal distribution calculation is important because it describes the statistical behavior of many real-world events. The simplest case of a gaussian distribution is known as the standard normal probability distribution.

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